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A journey and a book

About us

We've come up with the idea for a blog by fusing two of our passions: traveling and reading. For starters, we thought that it could be interesting to learn more about us, the bloggers and to understand what lead us to this subject. We're four passionnate readers, as we've stated before, we all love to travel, to discover new horizons. Between the four of us, we've convered a large part of Europe: Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy.... and also countries in Africa such as Senegal, Burkina Faso and Some of us have been to the Americas. Travelling is a huge part of all of our lives and it's true that it can change the perspective you have onlife, like making you appreciate the little things and discover new cultures, languages, people...

La raison d'être of this blog

The four of us are studying Literature or Philosophy, subjects that have helped expand our reading landscape, so we felt the urge to create a blog on the subject of litterature. As we were avid fans of both reading and travelling, we thought decided to write a blog that dealt with those the specific times moments when those these two worlds connect deeply: when a book enhances a trip or when a trip improves the book we're reading or have read.

About the blog

We have decided to write a blog about traveling and to embrace the cliché of it without being too into it. All of the members love to travel and have pretty good stories to share about their past experiences. But most importantly, all the members love to read and adore literature in general.

In consequence, our blog's "raison d'être" is to connect our trips to literature: because reading is also a journey on its own. It's a travel through mind and body, space and time. In many different ways this will be explained through our different ideas.

We hope that people who love – just like us – travel and literature could take interest in our blog. In fact, people who just want to travel whether it'll be in spirit or physically should also find in our blog, an escape from the daily routine.

Introducing our members

Emma: My name is Emma. I am twenty years old. I am in the second year of my bachelor's degree, Modern Litterature. I am currently following this course because I moved to another city in the middle of the last semester. I could describe myself as creative and nice. I know myself to be have been in love with books, drawing, music, and movies for as long as I can remember. They take me into another world, a better word. I am also a huge fan of traveling and challenging myself through it. I love to be out of my comfort zone. Even tho, it's scary, I feel like I am accomplishing something for my well-being. I also love to speak other languages (such as English). I believe respectfully immersing oneself in another culture is one of the greatest perks of being a human being. I think that is also why I love traveling. And, I think that is pretty much everything you should know about me!

Edgar: Hello fellow philosophers, my name is Edgar and I'm a 23 years old student living in Montpellier. I attend the university of Montpellier, where I follow a B.S. in Business. Whenever I'm not grinding my teeth over balance sheets and financial mathematics, you can probably find me wandering around the Musée Fabre, watching a performance at the theater or opera, or sitting somewhere, drinking tea and reading voraciously. I love classical litterature, poetry, sociology, history, politics, economics, as well as reading the newspapers to keep up with the world events. I also spend several hours each week submersed in music, listening to everything from classical music to heavy metal and everything else in between. Long story short, I live to love art, and I live to learn.

Thomas: Let me introduce myself. My name is Thomas, I am 35 years old, soon 36 y.o., I am a second year student of philosophy. After high school, I hesitated between studying philosophy or studying pharmacy. My philosophy teacher then told me that there were no opportunities in philosophy, and when I saw the curriculum from the first year common to health studies, I got scared, so I went to study biology. After a few years of terrible biochemistry studies (how horrible !!), I turned to nursing school. After graduation, I worked in various departments and then went into nephrology. I read a lot. In addition to philosophy, I love history, whose history of science and history of medicine, the disciplines at the confluence of sciences and ethnology such as ethnobotany, and especially ethnomedicine. In fact, almost all disciplines interest me as long as I can relate them to my questions about the world. I also like to travel, handicrafts, woodworking, DIY, art, observing "Nature", sport, andmindfulness.

Anaïs: Hi! My name is Anaïs, I'm 23 and a 2nd year modern literature student. I have always loved reading, it's truly my passion in life and that's the reason I chose this course of study. My own little library is the possession I tresor the most. I recently moved in a little town near Montpellier with my girlfriend and our roommate. My days are quite busy as I juggle my job and my school work but I like to always be in the move, I can't stay in one place for too long. I work in the Harry Potter store in Montpellier and I absolutely adore my job as I've been a fan of Harry Potter for as long as I can remember.

Be sure to stick around for our upcoming posts!

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